Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Saplings Wallpaper

I've just started working from home so doing up the office is high on my procrastination list.

I love yellow and white at the moment so I nearly fell out my chair when I saw this wallpaper yesterday. Unfortunately my excitement was not shared by the other half.

“That colour makes me think we don’t have enough food”

Not exactly the response I was expecting.

Perhaps a sample will make him feel less hungry?

Saplings wallpaper from Miss Print


  1. That's really funny! Let's hear more of the other half's take on interior design. Perhaps the wallpaper could be enhanced with a shelf containing a box of assorted biscuits?

  2. That is funny - I so get what you are talking about, my other half hardly ever thinks much of what I am lusting after interior wise, so unimaginative!


    Have a look at that, so cute!

  4. hi ya....i totally LOVE this paper too - i've been trying to decide for months now on that one or this one for our hallway.....
    and just can't choose! i love that isak penguin wallpaper too - tried to convince the husband to let me put it in our bedroom, lol...think i'll have to save it for any future kids! thanks for your comment on my blog! sharon...p.s. whats your name?!

  5. Hi Sharon, I'm Marie, I'll put up an about me page soon - I'm still a little shy! That wisteria wallpaper is beautiful too, looking forward to seeing which one you choose!

  6. Oh I obsessed over this paper for ages too. I so desperately wanted to use it somewhere, but when I received the samples I was a bit disappointed with the scale of the pattern - it's a bit small and fussy. I do think it would look great covering a small area like a chimney breast though.

  7. your other half would feel starved in my yoga/art room.