Friday, January 29, 2010

The Birds

As a wallpaper virgin I'm not sure I'd trust myself to put up this gorgeous photographic wallpaper from Trove. I fear some of the little birds might get their wings clipped, or attached to their beaks…..

indi wallpaper from Trove

Monday, January 25, 2010

Covet - Wall Letters

A wonderfully messy table and a jumble of letters on the wall.
I think I might like these people.

I am looking for a selection of letters in different typefaces to put on the tables for the wedding instead of table numbers. Afterwards I plan on shamelessly copying the image above.

I've found some reasonably priced ones in the children’s section in Avoca - any tips from readers on where I could get others?

I was never one who believed that letters after your name mattered.
I think I may have changed my mind.

Image from my inspirations files - if anyone knows who I should credit please let me know.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Magnetic Personalities

Hello everybody. Sorry for not posting for such a while, I've been preoccupied with wedding plans and conundrums - how long will it take the wedding bus to get from A to B in Saturday evening traffic? How long does a dress take to get to Ireland from China?

While I've been pouring over wedding blogs my own little account was starting to turn into Dust Covet Envy (hee hee!) but I saw these little guys and had to share....

The fridge-door-opening experience just got a lot cuter with these magnets from Jordan Grace Owen.

I think they might offer some witticism as I catch their eye en route to the fridge.
"Celery again? Girl, you're taking this wedding too seriously. Live a little. There's cake on the top shelf you know"

Magnets available from Hollandsworth on etsy