Monday, October 19, 2009


It's annual basil death week in my house.

No matter how much love, water, care and affection I lavish on my favourite herb it always dies in October.

Last year's plant had gotten so big it had BARK.
October came, and boom! - it was just twigs in a pot.

This years plant has a few wilted leaves left, but I can feel it rebuking me every morning.

Any basil resurrection tips anyone?

Skyplanters from Thorsten van Elten


  1. Snap, and after a couple of months I find mine doesn't even taste nice anymore. It's a though it has lost its delicate flavour and is half-way to mint. But maybe that's my lack of ability with plants.

  2. I heart your favicon!
    My basil could take your basil down this year Maire. (baby's got bark - oh yeah!) It's all bolted by now and tastes a bit like boot leather doused in "Old Spice" but it's still a B-E-A-S-T.