Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Fun - Arial or Helvetica

Can you tell the difference? Find out here
Via How about Orange, via swiss miss


  1. Ambassador with these typegames, you eez really spoiling uzz! (o:

    I got 15/20... I'm feeling a little like a dethroned Bernard Dunne right now.

  2. Ha ha it's deadly. I got the first 6 right and went downhill from there. Got 14/20 in the end. What about you LCE?

  3. 19/20 yeahy! That MATTEL one was HARD

  4. Oooh well done *bows to your superior type knowledge... but refuses to hand over crown*

    The Mattel one was really hard! It's funny because the upper case Es were tough to pin to either typeface but the lower case Es were a dead giveaway.

    Ok, that's used up my nerd quota for the day. Nay, the week.