Thursday, January 21, 2010

Magnetic Personalities

Hello everybody. Sorry for not posting for such a while, I've been preoccupied with wedding plans and conundrums - how long will it take the wedding bus to get from A to B in Saturday evening traffic? How long does a dress take to get to Ireland from China?

While I've been pouring over wedding blogs my own little account was starting to turn into Dust Covet Envy (hee hee!) but I saw these little guys and had to share....

The fridge-door-opening experience just got a lot cuter with these magnets from Jordan Grace Owen.

I think they might offer some witticism as I catch their eye en route to the fridge.
"Celery again? Girl, you're taking this wedding too seriously. Live a little. There's cake on the top shelf you know"

Magnets available from Hollandsworth on etsy


  1. Ha ha, im right there with you! Although i havn't started the starvation diet yet...we have set the date for November so I wreckon if i lose weight now i will only have fallen of the wagon again by June and put it all back on! Is that your talking about for the dress? I'm bridesmaid for friend whos getting married in May and we are wondering on how long it would take to deliver from China too! There are brilliant chooses on that site at a great price too! Now i must get back to googling pictures of peonies and roses!!!

  2. From China, you say? Are you having something magnificent and silken tailored for you?

  3. welcome back! hmmm, wedding planning, yes....thats definitely something I wouldnt have back for the world although the day itself does make it all worthwhile...and i would do that all over again!