Monday, January 25, 2010

Covet - Wall Letters

A wonderfully messy table and a jumble of letters on the wall.
I think I might like these people.

I am looking for a selection of letters in different typefaces to put on the tables for the wedding instead of table numbers. Afterwards I plan on shamelessly copying the image above.

I've found some reasonably priced ones in the children’s section in Avoca - any tips from readers on where I could get others?

I was never one who believed that letters after your name mattered.
I think I may have changed my mind.

Image from my inspirations files - if anyone knows who I should credit please let me know.


  1. I love this, I wish I could lift that wall out of the picture and put it in my living room.

  2. how about these - simple and white:

  3. i saw some in inspiring ideas (blanch) craft section the other day - they look pretty similar to the ones mise has suggested above if i remember correctly. also, avoca have smaller wooden ones too dont they?

  4. Love that pic! And your wedding table idea. Don't know where you are based? In oz try David Met Nicole,Doug Up On Bourke or ici et la for great vintage ones & Lincraft for MDF to paint yourself. In the UK, has a fab selection. I have heaps back home most of which were ebay finds. Good Luck M x

  5. Wow. It looks like these people actually live in their home. I hate sterile homes. Ones like this are so much more fun. And I love their style. Those wall letters are fantastic.

    And I love your style and your blog and all of your posts. And I'm going to keep coming back.

  6. We were thinking of doing this for our wedding too, great minds! Only using old woodblock letters, you can get really nice ones from time to time on Ebay, you should have a look x

  7. I love this photo! (It's from Living, Etc.)